Remember When… The Seybold brought shine to Downtown Miami

THE BUILDING: The Seybold building was built back in 1926 as the brainchild of its namesake, John Seybold, who moved to Miami in the late 19th century and eventually set up a bakery. That business burned down, but he bounced back with another bakery. He then went on to run a shopping mall, called an arcade back then, that became the basis of the 10-story Seybold building.

THE BUSINESS: The bottom floors stayed true to Seybold’s arcade vision and were filled with barber shops, dress shops and the bakery that started everything for Seybold. The upper floors were occupied by doctors offices and law practices, a standard in Downtown Miami that’s remained as big law firms pack newer buildings in the area.

THE BLING: While there’s always been a mix of businesses in the Seybold building, it really became known as THE place to get a great wedding ring or a classic piece of jewelry. That rep started in the 1960s when Buchwald Jewelers set up shop and several other followed their lead. The influx of Cubans setting up jewelry shops in the 1980s was also a big factor, and now the building is the largest jewelry building in Florida. It’s only topped  nationally by the Diamond District in New York.

THE BUILDING TODAY: Not much has changed beyond a few building upgrades over the years and businesses moving in and out. The majority of the tenants are still jewelry and watch merchants, diamond cutters, repair shops and other specialty gem shops. If you’re looking for something fancy, or just need to get your watch face fixed, consider dropping by this Miami landmark.

Stay tuned for more semi-regular pieces of Miami history. And check this story for more on the history of the Seybold building in Downtown Miami. If there’s any other overlooked or lesser-known Miami history you think we should look into let us know at [email protected]