Saif Ishoof: Transformation is major key in the rise of the #305.

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The word may sound like the name of the new villain in the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.0” film, but our story is about how bold innovators are disrupting Miami’s largest and most profitable industries.

Miami is a place where the American dream has been realized for thousands, and a city poised to realize its fullest global potential. Our culture, our diversity, and our tolerance are among our greatest strengths, while facing challenges like greater economic inclusion is also a part of our road forward.

Anyone questioning our ascendance need only check out the Snapchat of our greatest chronicler, the inimitable DJ Khaled.

But our biggest industries are facing a paradigm shift.

Some of Miami’s key economic drivers – our tourism, trade, and banking industries – are undergoing massive transformation. We can ride that wave, or let it sweep us away.

We’ve already witnessed how our hospitality market is becoming one of Airbnb’s top hubs: with more than 5,000 beds available, Miami represents a 10 percent share of Airbnb units, the fourth highest of any city, and increasing numbers of people are turning to the platform to book their next stay. Uber has already proven to be a disruptor, diminishing the value of once highly valued taxi medallions.

From threats like sea level rise to opportunities like artificial intelligence, the foundation of our economy could be turned on its head, and hinder our ascent as the world’s next global city.

So what are we doing in Miami to keep disruption from harming our economy and instead fomenting the creation of the next Lyft or Airbnb? How can we use our sabor to distinguish our efforts from that of other cities across the U.S. and the world? How do we evolve our economy to help provide companies with the necessary support to scale and grow? In a world of increasing automation, how are we preparing our students to take those jobs of the future?

That is where the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Disruption Workgroup comes in. We’re bringing together some of Miami’s greatest changemakers and innovators, some of our region’s largest business enterprises, and bold, insurgent startups to tackle these challenges and learn and grow together. Together they are finding solutions and developing ideas to help Miami continue to grow and become synonymous with innovation and forward thinking.

[infobox_default_shortcode header=”INNOVATE MIAMI: A Catalyst for Disruption” img=”” color=”255, 219, 77, 0.1″]Friday, May 19
8 a.m.
EAST Miami (788 Brickell Plaza)
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Innovators like Felecia Hatcher who singlehandedly has created a movement to connect under-represented innovators of color to technology, capital, mentorship and entrepreneurship guidance.

Innovators such as Brian Brackeen, who takes a page straight out of the book of his former boss Steve Jobs in his work to make his firm, Kairos, a facial recognition technology powerhouse.

And pioneers like Max Mendez from Miami MedTech that has been the catalyst for a new medical technology industry in our region and is helping develop devices that may save thousands of patient’s lives.

Their goal? To identify and get in front of market forces such as automation, technology, climate change and changing consumer preferences that could upend Miami’s economy. With an emphasis on the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, resilience, technology, and the shared economies the group is embracing disruptive forces and channeling as a force for good.

That is exactly what will happen on Friday, May 19, at the EAST Miami, where the “crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels” that Steve Jobs spoke about will be participating in the “Innovate Miami: A Catalyst for Disruption” summit. Disruption is going to require incumbents and insurgents to collaborate in building a more prosperous future.

Joined by the original disruptors themselves, the summit is lucky enough to have Ime Archibong, vice president for partnerships at Facebook, join for the keynote. All innovators and brave souls willing to think outside the box are welcome.

However, our work is not done here. We invite you to join GMCC’s Disruption Workgroup, where we work year round to find ways to foment innovation and bring together industries and sectors to better prepare Miami for the changes ahead. If you are interested in participating please email Elizabeth Galvez, the senior manager of the Disruption Workgroup, at [email protected]

Will you join us in riding this Disruption wave? Surf’s up!

To sign up, click here.