Senior Send-Off: Daniela writes to Felix Varela Senior High

To all the Varela class of 2020 seniors:

I know this is not how any of us thought our senior year would go. It’s difficult to look at the brightside right now, when it seems as though all the good things have been taken from us; but at this time, more than ever, we must stay strong. We are all Vipers! We are a family! Let’s not think of the bad, instead let’s focus on all the incredible moments we shared together throughout high school. Remember the football games, drama shows, pep rallies, field trips, walks to class, and all the events that brought us together. Let’s never forget dressing up for all our spirit days, watching “Insidious” under the stars, eating way too many bagels and Jamaican patties and watching our administration perform “Dancing Queen”!

These unfortunate events we are living through will lead to us being more grateful for everyday things in our life.  We will be the generation that will take better care of our planet and find pleasure in the simple experiences that life offers us each day.

While this pandemic has changed the route of our senior year, we cannot let it control our future. We still have a few weeks of high school left and during this time we cannot give up. We must keep working and fighting for our future. Graduating will be the end of this chapter, but another one will start so soon! We are about to take the first steps into adulthood. We must stay focused on our futures, our goals, our dreams.  For each of us this may be different, but we must always remember and achieve those goals we have set for ourselves.

It has been an absolute pleasure spending my last four years with all of the Vipers, growing into young adults together, and living our best teen years together! Supporting each other in our classes, sports, and clubs has brought us all together to the family we know today. We have created memories and friendships that will last us forever. No matter where life takes us after high school, we will always have all these shared memories and we will forever be Vipers at heart!

Daniela Acosta, Felix Varela Senior High School