Senior Send-Off: Jessica, John A. Ferguson Senior Class President

Dear Class of 2020,

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on all the achievements you have worked so hard to attain. I feel so honored to be able to call myself John A. Ferguson’s Class of 2020 President. Not only have I had the pleasure of collaborating with individuals whom are sure to make a difference in our society, but I have also had the privilege of calling myself  part of a class whose spirit and values champion that of resilience and determination. For many of us, it may be saddening to contemplate the fact that we might not get to enjoy the senior celebrations we so eagerly had awaited for. Despite this, the situation we are facing has not hindered us from continuing to be supportive of each other whether it be participating in a celebratory car parades, or promoting positive messages throughout our social media accounts. It hasn’t halted us from being of service to our society by promoting health policies to keep everyone safe, and it most definitely has not halted us from continuing to strive for academic excellence.

Although we might find ourselves feeling alone and under-appreciated  in such turbulent times, we must realize that what we deem is the truth is merely subjective to every individual it is presented to.   It is important that we attempt to alter our perception and realize that not only is  our family and our school admiring the display of  excessive strength and tribulations we are experiencing ,but the world and history itself is witnessing our  display of potency. The Class of 2020 will forever be remembered for its determination to continue to  improve themselves and society through unsettling moments. As we continue our journey through life, it comes as a guarantee that obstacles will inevitably be encountered. Despite this, the choice is ours (as it always has been) to determine if we want those challenges to debilitate or strengthen us. Wherever it is we find ourselves in life, I have no doubt that the members of the Class of 2020 will choose the latter.

’’ When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.’’ The determination we have garnered throughout our years as young adults when presented with unprecedented events, will serve as a foundation to overcome any tribulation presented and move forward with evermore power. Beauty, and opportunity is present in any given ambience whether it be in the darkest of tunnels or the brightest of days. The key to seeing the light in any dreary moment lies only by altering our perception to one of positivity instead of defeat. As such, I encourage you all to look at the benefits any circumstance can provide you. The world is beyond proud of all the Class of 2020 has and will accomplish. Above all the spirit of persistence to strive for greatness in arduous moments is one that will forever be remembered.

Jessica Balbin

John A. Ferguson Senior High School

Class of 2020 Senior Class President