Senior Send-Off: Lakitta writes to William H. Turner Tech

To the prestigious Class of 2020.

Walking through the halls our Freshman Year, we all expected our Senior Year to be the most memorable part of high school. We claimed that 2020 would be our year, anticipating the incentives that came along with us becoming seniors.

Whether it was screaming to the top of our lungs on the rides at Universal Studios with friends, wearing that ideal dress or tux and riding off to prom or most importantly walking across that stage and obtaining that diploma we worked so hard for, we were ready to take the last year of high school and make it our best year.

However, on March 13, 2020 our Senior Year was cut short and we didn’t even know it. As of that day the Class of 2020 became memorable for the most unexpected reason. A month before this date, graduation dates were released. We were all ecstatic, knowing that the finish line was near. Never would we have imagined that our hard work would be recognized virtually. Though this pandemic took away events and moments that many of us looked forward to, the next chapter of our lives is about to begin. Just as this pandemic has impacted the world globally, we have the ability to do the same. After this year the world will change. Our graduation year will change the course of history. Yes, these are troublesome times however when this is all over we will have a fresh start. I understand that our story is beginning during this daunting time, but that’s what makes it different from others.

Whether it is the military, a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, or no matter what your goals are, as a class we are destined to be great. It is said that difficult times bring out the best in special people. In my lifetime I can’t think of a time more difficult or class more special. Being a member of the class of 2020 is an honor I will cherish forever. We have a voice in our destiny. We have a say in our lives and the journey we choose to take from this historical moment in time. Let’s make it count!




Lakitta Pierre, President

William H. Turner Tech, Class of 2020