Senior Send-Off: Yariannis, SGA President at Miami Senior High School

Dear Class of 2020,

To say that these are trying, difficult times may sound redundant. To say that we have lost our senior year, lost all that we have hoped and waited for since we were children may sound pointless. We know what we have lost. However, we have also gained so much. We have gained the opportunity to appreciate life more, to love our friends and family more, to live in the now, to strive for greatness. We have gained the chance to capitalize on what we want and to realize our dreams into reality because one thing is certain- we have proven to be a resilient class. To withstand the pressures of an ever-changing world, to adapt to unpredictable times, to readily embrace change- that is something that only a unique class is capable of.

Not so long ago, I walked the halls of the first school I ever attended in the United States. As a 7-year-old immigrant, I entered school without any idea of what I would encounter, nor the troubles that laid ahead, but I embraced it regardless. Over the years I grew determined to succeed and strive for the life that my parents worked for relentlessly. I eventually met a very wise mentor who said to me, “If your dreams do not scare you, then they are not big enough”. And that is when I knew that despite my remarkable work ethic and determination, I was stopping myself from achieving my greatest potential. Ironically, it was the fear of failure, of losing control, of jeopardizing my own future that hindered me from pursuing my dreams. And to that I said: NO MORE.

It is why I encourage each and every one of you to take this time to re-evaluate yourselves. To visualize your future; make it happen. There will always be obstacles along the way. There will always be battles that need to be fought and wounds that need to be mended. But these hindrances are not what define you. It is how you take it day by day, how you cope with it, and how you react to it that will define you. If there is one thing that our current situation has proven is that a positive attitude is the way to go. You cannot always control situations, but you can control how you manage it.

As you glimpse into the unknown future, I want you to ask yourself this question: “What do I want?” Whatever your answer may be, I urge you to manifest yourself and build yourself an empire. Visualize a better future and make it happen. Always remember that we are the Class of 2020. The class who endured and grappled with a pandemic that, unfortunately, not only took lives, but changed them as well. And as you face the reality of life, wherever it may take you, remember these words: “If your dreams do not scare you, then they are not big enough”.


Yariannis Vazquez

MHS SGA President