How Shane Battier lives like he lives here

What happens when you’re a former Miami Heat basketball player who retires in paradise at the age of 35? If you’re Shane Battier, you stick around and make the Magic City even better. You also occasionally hula hoop with short people at The New Tropic.

After his wildly successful run with the Heat, Battier and his wife Heidi started the Battier Take Charge Foundation, an organization that works to provide resources for underserved youth and teens. The organization is focused on three cities that are near and dear to their hearts: Houston, Detroit, and, of course, Miami.

And like a true Miamian, he loves some Sunday Funday and thinks there’s nothing wrong with rosé on a Sunday as long as it’s ice cold.

We sat down and got to know what makes him tick, how often he hangs out with DJ Khaled, and how he Lives Like He Lives Here.