Sketchecito: Halloween Edition

As we get ready for Halloween, we’re bringing you a delightfully creepy true tale of one person’s surprising welcome to Miami. Like all our Sketchecitos, this one was submitted by a reader, so if you’d like the chance to see your Miami story transformed into a comic by a local artist, just send it along, and we’d be glad to consider it.

Today’s Sketchecito was illustrated by Cary Polkovitz, who cut his teeth as a writer and penciler for NeoTek Iconography’s NAU Headhunter during his college years before going on to illustrate Miss Adventure and Kodiak for Men’s Adventure and Penthouse Comix in the mid-90s. He took a break to teach art and became a well-known painter in South Florida’s “low-brow” art scene before coming back to his roots in the comic book industry. His latest graphic novel is a hallucinogenic cyberpunk fever dream called UKIYO, available for pre-order on Indiegogo.


The Fourth Floor Barbie Doll Psychic