Tell us about a local small business you can’t live without

It’s Small Business Week across the U.S., and Miami is the ultimate small business city – almost one in 10 adults owns a business here, the highest rate of any metro area in the U.S.

So this week let’s celebrate all the ventanitas, shoe repair stores, barber shops, family-owned restaurants and whatnot that make the 305 a better place to live.

Show some love for your fave by sharing in the form below how they make your life better. Drop some links to photos on Insta if you’ve got ’em.

  • Make sure to tell us what they sell, and give us a website or Facebook or Insta account so we can track them down too!

P.S. Miami-Dade County’s Small Business Development department has some things up its sleeve this week as well. Check out the calendar.