South Dade History

The Federal Homestead Act brought South Dade’s first settlers, but it was the extension of the railroad down to the Keys that really launched development here and transformed it from mosquito-ridden wilderness. The area boomed until the Great Depression, surged once again after World War II, and became the South Dade we know today in the 1960s. Hurricane Andrew wrought devastation, but the region is once again a thriving community, a mecca for foodies into eating local, and a budding tourism destination.

How a vacuum cleaner mogul made a Florida city disappear.

Driving south from Downtown Miami towards the Everglades, the landscape transforms from a concrete jungle to a lush, pastoral expanse. Explore the area’s long history, tracing its incredible transformation from a marshy mosquito-filled wilderness to a thriving agricultural community.

Many Miami-Dade cities were inspired by the real estate land boom of the 1920s, when soaring dreams met big wallets resulting in some crazy stories and well, some ideas that worked. Get to know the origin stories and some odd history behind eight popular local cities.