¿Si o no? The struggle is real

Apple has graced us Miamians with some good news. Los gringos de California finally abrieron los ojos and realized que la gente necesitan un Spanglish keyboard.

The new multilingual keyboard announced at the World Developers Conference this week lets you type in two languages without auto correct freaking out every other word. Because no, we didn’t mean to write narrator. We meant barato.

Basically, se salvaron los Latinos.

The keyboard won’t be available until the fall, but in the meantime, we sifted through our text message history to find some essential Spanglish phrases that will be so much easier to write with the update.

estas ready

Miami time: as fluid as our language.



When in doubt, add “ar.”


los gusanos

When you’re basically una mula sending things back to the motherland.



The parking struggle.


Pero like


If you’re not starting a sentence with this, then are you even from here?

Tiki tiki

Everyone’s favorite onomatopoeia. 



The necessities.

Send us your best examples of Spanglish texting — or even better, your best autocorrect manglings, on Twitter at @newtropicmiami.