Steal these poster ideas to cheer on Miami Marathon runners

If you have a friend running in the marathon this weekend — or even if you don’t — the 20,000 runners hitting the streets of Miami could use your support. One of the best ways to show your love is to make a sign, so grab some poster board, markers, and join other race fans on Sunday.   

Need a spot to chill? Join Nike in their Cheer Zone at Mile 12. You bring the energy, they’ll supply the cow bells.

Need an idea? We did some searching and came up with a list of clever and inspirational signs:

“You’re running better than the government”
(Via @mightyniagarahalfmarathon)

“Tacos at the finish line”
(Via @eclecticrunner28)

“You think you’re tired, my arms are killing me”
(Via @stlrunnergirl)

“You’re doing amazing sweetie”
(Via @runmererun)

“Piggy back rides to finish $20”
(Via @jonesracingcompany)

“Instead of running I made this sign”
(Via @tvredhead)

“Where is everyone going?”
(Via @armytenmiler)

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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