Summer reading 2017: Our 10 favorite books set in South Florida

When it comes to reading and literary culture, it’s no secret that South Florida gets short shrift from snoots up north. At least once a year The New York Times sends somebody down here to write an article that condescendingly pats us on the head for being something other than molly-zonked clubgoers (witness this one from last December that congratulates Miami for finally having an art scene… like, where have you been for the past 10 years, bro?)

You don’t have to have lived here long to learn that this place is anything but a cultural wasteland. We may not have the MET, we may not have the New York Public Library, our county commissioners might even be considering selling the main branch of the Miami Dade Public Library to developers for a mega-mall, but we have cortaditos, and the PAMM – and a surprisingly robust literary tradition.

So here’s a just-in-time-for-summer roundup of the 10 best books set here in South Florida, that best capture the spirit of this place we all call home. It might help you with a quick-witted answer the next time an old uppity college buddy trashes the place.

P.S. You had lots of suggestions for others that should be on this list. Here they are.