Sustainability goes beyond just Biscayne Bay

For the last three weeks, The New Tropic has partnered with Oolite Arts to spotlight Save the Bay, the arts organization’s campaign highlighting ways Miamians can take better care of Biscayne Bay. The initiative saw several local filmmakers craft PSAs that were equal parts personal and informational, with each reflecting the director’s particular vision on the challenges facing the bay and how to best address them.

Today happens to be the last day you, the 305 residents these PSAs were made for, can weigh in on which spoke the most to you. Once you’re done rewatching these shorts (just scroll to the bottom of 👉 this page) be sure to vote for your favorite before the day comes to a close. And if you’d like a refresher on the creative minds behind each short, check out The New Tropic’s series of Q&As with Alexa Caravia, Milly Cohen, Jayme Gershen, Helen Peña, and Shireen Rahimi. The winner — who’ll receive an honorary People’s Choice Award along with a $1,000 prize — will be announced on Friday, August 13.

But Biscayne Bay isn’t the only Miami natural wonder worth preserving, nor does the task fall solely upon us as individuals: That’s why The New Tropic highlighted ways to get involved with beach cleanups around the 305 and spoke with Miami-Dade’s first-ever Chief Bay Officer, Irela Bagué, about the county’s efforts to keep our waters clean.

Oolite Arts isn’t resting on its laurels either, which is why the org is already gearing up for another round of community-sourced environmental PSAs. The arts and culture advocates are inviting Miamians to submit ideas for their latest initiative, Sustainability in Action. The new campaign is a partnership between Oolite and the City of Miami Beach that’s looking to hear ideas for 30-60 second shorts creatively demonstrating ways residents can reduce waste and plastic use. Ideally, submissions will also showcase Miami Beach’s programs for meeting its zero-waste goals — such as the city’s push for a Plastic Free Miami Beach — and how residents can pitch in.

Applications are now open and submissions are being accepted through Monday, August 16 at 6 p.m. The ten selected proposals will each receive $2,500 in funding to bring their cinematic concept around a waste-free Miami Beach to life.

Whether it’s through the use of a camera lens, by volunteering our time to pick up trash, or getting involved with organizations that are fighting for our collective future, each of us can play to our strengths when it comes to manifesting a greener tomorrow. As this week’s blistering temperatures, heat-filled headlines from out west, and grim climate change report illustrate, the time is now to make a change — however you go about it, make sure to play your part.