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Big Sugar scored a sweet deal that’s left Florida’s waterways a toxic mess

Algae blooms are devastating local estuaries and small businesses are suffering… but 400,000 acres of sugar cane fields that line Lake O are a lush, healthy green. So are the pockets of Florida’s politicians.

/ August 4, 2016

Here’s how much money your elected officials get from the sugar industry

Toxic algae is devastating the once pristine waterways of the Treasure Coast and the way to fix it is to cut through some 400,000 acres of sugar cane farms. Problem is, the sugar industry has had politicians in their pocket for decades.

/ August 4, 2016

Reconnecting the River of Grass

A toxic blue-green algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee and along the Treasure Coast has transformed a slice of paradise into a toxic polluted mess.

/ August 3, 2016