Stories with 'architecture' tag

Lincoln Road walking tour (video)

Grab an ice cream cone and join us on a quick highlight tour of one of Miami Beach’s most popular attractions.

/ October 6, 2018

Meet George Merrick, the man who made Coral Gables

In a mere eight years, George Merrick transformed Coral Gables from part of Miami’s sleepy backcountry into a lush, stately city of its own.

/ April 18, 2016

How a misunderstanding made a Miami city

Coral Gables is not made of coral. So where the heck did the name come from?

/ April 12, 2016

How selling rights to the sky keeps Miami’s historic buildings alive

Miami has taken steps to make it harder to bulldoze historic buildings — and to make it worth developers’ while to keep them around.

/ April 11, 2016

Deconstructing art deco

All those iconic art deco buildings were once considered an eyesore, and while Miami was in the midst of a drug war, they were almost torn down. Find out where that unique South Beach look came from, and what it took to preserve it.

/ January 20, 2016

That Little Haiti look

Little Haiti is awash in tropical hues and swooping facades. It’s an architectural island in the midst of Miami that’s a throwback to the neighborhood’s vibrant Caribbean past.

/ January 10, 2016