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Your View: Love your library

There’s not many young people in libraries, thats why people are usually pretty surprised when Charles Allen tells them what he does for a living. Here’s why.

/ March 6, 2016

Jennine Capó Crucet: Reveling in Miami’s absurdity

Hialeah-born writer Jennine Capó Crucet is adept at showing her readers Miami through the looking glass, celebrating the hilarity of a city fueled by cafecitos alongside the poignant stories of growing up in a cultural melting pot.

/ August 17, 2015

Comic book havens

Before they were movies, they were comic books. And we have plenty of places where you can browse the shelves to your heart’s content. Come explore some of the coolest comic book stores in South Florida.

/ June 25, 2015

Passion Projects: Alex Segura and Miami Noir

Alex Segura is a Miami native who works in comics by day and writes Miami noir by night. He shares why Miami makes for great crime stories and gives a few book recommendations for those seeking a shadier side to our sunny city.

/ February 13, 2015