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For Art’s Sake

Art in Miami is a $1.4 billion dollar industry. Yup, you read that right. Billion with a “b”. Then how are so many local artists and creatives still struggling and not seeing any of that money?

/ November 2, 2018

Opportunity Knocks on CIC’s Front Door

Nestled between Overtown and Allapattah, CIC’s Miami office is located in what’s known as an Opportunity Zone, an economically-distressed community where investments into area businesses may be eligible for tax breaks.

/ November 1, 2018

Wyncode UX/UI Pitch Day III

Wyncode, Florida’s first brick & mortar coding bootcamp, invites you to join our third User Experience & User Interface Design (UX/UI) Pitch Day at Venture Cafe! After an intense eight weeks, Wyncoders have poured their lives into their work, harnessing new skills and becoming product designers in the process. You will witness our new soon […]

/ July 30, 2018

Value of Miami’s Community: Urbanism Summit

We’re excited to begin 2018 with a new podcast series in the spirit of Designing the WE that will regularly highlight leaders & organizations from throughout greater Miami focused on making a positive impact on our community development & the lives of residents! For episode #2, which will be a special live broadcast held during the weekly Venture Cafe […]

/ January 13, 2018

CIC Miami Creator’s Lounge Launch

Creator’s Lounge is CIC Miami’s hub for artistic development.

/ October 13, 2017

How CIC Miami dominated Miami’s startup ecosystem in less than a year

In less than a year, one building has managed to position itself as the epicenter of Miami’s startup ecosystem, forcing other hubs to alter their course.

/ July 4, 2017

South Florida got its first high-profile startup exit this week

CIC Miami prepares for another “launch,” NewCo arrives in Miami, and the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge declares its finalists.

/ April 21, 2017