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Full Day Coding Workshop for Beginners

During our full day coding workshop, you will be taught programming basics for those with little to no experience in programming. All you’ll need for this event is a computer that is able to access the internet and a charger. Write your first line of code using Ruby learning from Auston Bunsen, a self-taught senior […]

/ August 31, 2017

Wynfo Session – The Developer Journey

Join us for a developer panel of Wyncode Alum that will be discussing what their journey has been like after learning to code, gaining experience, and launching their new career paths. We have amazing panelists, being moderated by Wyncode’s own alum, Mario Aguayo. Tech is one of the hardest industries for anyone to break into nowadays. […]

/ September 18, 2017

Wyncode & Vetpreneur – Vets Who Code

Wyncode is one of only a handful of code schools in the nation that accepts GI Bill. We have some incredible developers who transitioned from military life to tech life in 10 weeks. Come hear their incredible journeys on October 4th at Wynbase We are proud to have Arturo Polanco, Shannan Muench, and Carlos Ramos […]

/ September 15, 2017

Wynfo Session – Codecademy 101: HTML

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take us! Wyncode will be hosting Codecademy 101: HTML! Our head instructors will walk you through the HTML course and answer questions for you along the way. Learning on your own can be tough; which is why we are opening our doors to all past and present Codecademy students. We […]

/ September 15, 2017

Wyncode Pitch Day XVII

Wyncode, Florida’s premier coding bootcamp, invites you to join our 17th Pitch Day event in Miami. After an intense 10 weeks, Wyncoders have poured their lives into their work, harnessing new skills and becoming web developers in the process. You will witness our new soon to be Wyncode alumni present their skills through their final […]

/ August 31, 2017

Miami’s got coding game

The tech industry is booming, and with it the demand for coding skills. Fortunately, there are a lot of local options for upping your coding game.

/ March 22, 2016

Visualizing the Miami-Dade budget

The proposed 2016 Miami-Dade budget has been announced, and a pair of Code for Miami volunteers have transformed the reams of budget data into a gorgeous interactive visualization.

/ August 27, 2015