Stories with 'coral' tag

How a misunderstanding made a Miami city

Coral Gables is not made of coral. So where the heck did the name come from?

/ April 12, 2016

Nature hacks for climate change

Long before storm pumps and sea walls, there were corals and mangroves. The natural environment can teach us a thing or two about preparing for climate change.

/ April 5, 2016

The Dredge Report

How Port Everglades can learn from PortMiami’s environmental fiasco and expand without destroying one of the longest coral reef tracts in the world.

/ March 27, 2016

Life in the coral city

Coral Morphologic specializes not just in cultivating our own Miami coral, but turning them into works of art, through film, photography, and stunning visual displays.

/ July 27, 2015