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Remember When… This landmark was Miami’s Ellis Island?

We took a look at the history of Miami’s iconic landmark for Cuban immigrants, the Freedom Tower.

/ June 22, 2018

Not just old white men: Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars is shaking things up

Twin sisters and cigar lovers Yvette and Yvonne Rodriguez were tired of seeing no one who looked like them in the cigar industry. So they launched their own company to represent them and all the other Afro-Cuban women out there.

/ July 10, 2017

Let’s transcend partisan politics on Cuba

Giancarlo Sopo: Our community’s future is inextricably linked to Cuba’s. Don’t let partisan politics undo years of progress.

/ June 16, 2017

Letter from a Cuban-American Millennial: Keep the doors to Cuba open.

Alexa Ferrer: It may be too late for my grandparents to reconnect, but the window has just opened for my generation.

/ June 15, 2017

Seven steps to making your Cuba trip finally happen

Sure you can buy a ticket to Cuba now, but the whole thing is still SUPER confusing. We broke it down.

/ February 27, 2017

Dispatch from Havana: Six Cubans on the end of ‘wet foot, dry foot’

Some are worried about their family. Some are worried about those caught en route (others say good riddance). Some are hoping this means more legit visas for Cubans.

/ January 23, 2017

Aja Monet: Fidel Castro was neither a saint nor the devil.

For Afro-Cubans and black Americans, Fidel Castro was a dictator – but one who tried to bring them equality.

/ December 1, 2016

Cuban artists in Miami react to Fidel Castro’s death

Within a few hours of Castro’s death announcement, artists, human rights activists, and known dissidents were arrested on the island. We reached out to Cuban and Cuban-American artists here in Miami to hear their thoughts on what this means for Cuba’s future.

/ November 27, 2016

The True Theme of the Traitor and the Hero: Fidel Castro and Me

A Cuban-American Miami writer wrestles with Fidel Castro’s death and his legacy.

/ November 26, 2016

Tertulias: Young Cubans formed a space to think for themselves

A group of young Cubans, in absence of civic spaces, managed to found an alternative space where they can think and express themselves freely.

/ November 20, 2016