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This is what it’s like to game in Cuba

In Cuba a group of young gamers try, despite many hardships to make a living out of their passion.

/ November 3, 2016

What Cubans are saying about the US election

Cuba’s only 90 miles south of the U.S., but that doesn’t translate to knowing a whole lot about our candidates.

/ October 26, 2016

Life on the hyphen: Christina Garcia navigates dual identities

Cuban exiles in Miami might be surrounded by signs of home (croquetas and cafecitos), but nothing is quite like Cuba. We sat down with writer Cristina Garcia to talk “life on the hyphen.”

/ September 28, 2016

How to travel to Cuba consciously

With flights as low as $76 one way, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to visit Cuba nowadays. But the Castro regime remains oppressive, which makes being a tourist a little, er, awkward. Here are some tips for being a socially conscious visitor to Cuba.

/ September 7, 2016

Cubans are hooked on Master Chef and Game of Thrones too

Thanks to “el paquete,” a weekly package of media downloaded to personal hard drives, Cubans are getting hooked on the same shows we’re binge watching in the US.

/ August 21, 2016

‘I just never planned to be an immigrant’: A dissident Cuban rapper transitions to America

Dissident Cuban rapper “El Critico” made a name for himself rapping against the government. But after severe persecution by the Castro regime, he had to flee his patria. Now he’s adjusting to life in Miami.

/ August 2, 2016

How Miami Light Project went up against Cubanitos and won

As the US-Cuba relationship continues to grow, Miami Light Project is celebrating its ground breaking lawsuit against Miami-Dade to bring the first Cuban artist to the city almost 20 years ago.

/ June 1, 2016

Glitz and glamour at the legendary Tropicana

Growing up in Havana, Monica Morua dreamed of setting foot in the iconic Tropicana. But she made it all the way to the stage.

/ May 31, 2016

Nigeria by way of Cuba: Where Beyoncé and Ibeyi get their fierceness

Beyoncé introduced the world to the rich Yoruban culture, but it wound its way to the US through Cuba decades ago.

/ May 6, 2016

These four millennials are buying their peers tickets to Cuba

CubaOne wants to help Cuban American millennials form their own connections to the island.

/ May 3, 2016