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First-Person: A Marriage Split By Immigration Policy

First-Person is a series of essays by Miamians about their unique and personal experiences of politics and culture. Today, photographer Jayme Gershen shares her story of how U.S. immigration policy has kept her and her husband apart, and how they’ve held themselves together.

/ February 12, 2015

First-person: I got (gay) married on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Andrea, my mom, a few of our dear friends, and I entered a dingy county office and asked to get married. The clerk reviewed our counseling certificate, put slashes beside “bride’s name” and “groom’s name” on our form and scribbled “spouse” above the lines. We signed, smiling. The clerk led us into “the wedding room” and we repeated our vows. And then, we were married. We kissed. We hugged our friends and family. And then we walked down the street and got a cafecito, like married Miamians do.

/ January 9, 2015