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Tertulias: Young Cubans formed a space to think for themselves

A group of young Cubans, in absence of civic spaces, managed to found an alternative space where they can think and express themselves freely.

/ November 20, 2016

How Miami Light Project went up against Cubanitos and won

As the US-Cuba relationship continues to grow, Miami Light Project is celebrating its ground breaking lawsuit against Miami-Dade to bring the first Cuban artist to the city almost 20 years ago.

/ June 1, 2016

Your View: Proposed state law would harm free speech online

Activist and civic technology leader Rob Davis argues that Florida’s proposed True Origin of Digital Goods Act (TODGA), sponsored by two Miami legislators, would stifle online debate, open bloggers and whistleblowers to harassment, and effectively limit free speech. Find out more about the bill and why advocates for technology and democracy are pushing back on this little-known proposal.

/ April 21, 2015