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Head to the Miami-Dade Public Library’s Miami Beach Regional Branch for screenings of the short films La Maison en Petits Cubes and ThuleTuvalu as part of the artist collective Fifty-Fifty’s ongoing Portable Memories in Rising Seas project, exploring the changing climate and its effect on the experiences of people around the globe. You’ll be invited to draw your response to the […]

/ January 2, 2018

Your View: Higher Education and Local Government Are Holding Back Miami’s Tech Scene

Don’t believe the hype. Attorney and Code for Miami policy adviser Justin Wales says we still have a long way to go to realize Miami’s dream of being a high-tech hub. His advice? Start improving higher ed and local government.

/ February 23, 2015

Does Miami actually care about sea-level rise?

The scientists agree. A task force reported. Even the Pentagon is concerned. So, why don’t more of us care about Miami’s sea level rise problem? Nathaniel Sandler takes aim at apathy here in Atlantis.

/ February 10, 2015