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Don’t become numb to the violence killing our children

There’s a way to break the cycle. This is how Miami Children’s Initiative is doing it.

/ November 13, 2016

Carol City High School’s “Cursed Class”: Ten years later

Miami Carol City Senior High School’s class of 2006 lost so many students their senior year they were dubbed the “cursed class.” Celebrating their 10-year reunion today, they call BS on that.

/ October 17, 2016

‘I will give this city hell’ for Jada

Community activist Valencia Gunder wanted to give up fighting for change when her goddaughter, Jada Page, died last month from gunshot wounds. But now she wants to give the city hell.

/ September 14, 2016

Pulse was a safe space for Orlando’s LGBTQ community

We reached out to members of Orlando’s LGBTQ community to better understand what Pulse meant to them and what’s next after this tragedy.

/ June 13, 2016

How businesses can help close the prosperity gap

Miami’s income inequality is considered as bad as some Latin American cities. Mark Rosenberg sees a role for the business community in fixing that.

/ June 9, 2016

Your View: Let’s talk about a new kind of policing

There are programs out there that can address gun violence while improving community-police relations. East Palo Alto is leading the way.

/ May 23, 2016

Your View: ‘Are you tired yet?’

Northwest Miami-Dade is grappling with rising gun violence. A Liberty City resident challenges the community to step up to tackle it.

/ March 8, 2016