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Why are Hialeah’s streets different from the rest of Miami? Let us explain

Long story short, Hialeah’s always kind of done its own thing. And that extends to creating a street grid that’s different from Miami.

/ July 25, 2018

The defining Miami question: “What high school did you go to?”

It’s the question everyone in Miami has asked or been asked (and been judged for), what high school did you go to?

/ June 13, 2018

July 4th: What to do and where to catch fireworks

Where to party, kick back, and catch Miami’s best neighborhood firework shows on July 4th.

/ July 2, 2017

El Tamalero de Hialeah will fill your stomach and fix your arthritis

Romelio Reyes had a religious experience in the mountains of Cuba as a kid and he’s had a “magic touch” ever since.

/ July 5, 2016

Bob and weave: What it takes to be a Hialeah vendedor

Beneath the chaotic appearance of Hialeah’s vendedor industry are complicated procedures and laws. Silvio Moreno, a street seller himself, fights for vendedores’ rights and educates the next generation.

/ July 4, 2016

The New Tropic’s Hialeah jams

These are the sounds of Hialeah: everything from Cuban classics to booty bass. Listen in.

/ June 27, 2016

Miami Mystery: Why don’t Hialeah’s street numbers make sense?

Hialeah can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing. But don’t blame Hialeah, bro.

/ June 23, 2016

Your View: ¿Que Pasa, Hialeah? wants to help people fall in love with their city

Millennials are taking the reins in Hialeah, turning their love-hate relationship with the city into strictly a love match.

/ June 22, 2016

There’s one spot to get your nosh on in Hialeah

Unofficial segregation and the textile industry brought Jews to Hialeah. They eventually left, but their comfort food remained.

/ June 19, 2016

Ño Que Barato is the Walmart of the Cuban diaspora

This Hialeah mainstay was the first to meet all the needs of los exiliados, from baby cologne to mumus for abuelita.

/ June 13, 2016