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The latest concept for shipping containers in Miami? A shelter for the homeless

Shipping containers have been repurposed for just about everything, and now a Miami company is considering them for housing the homeless.

/ June 21, 2018

Why Miami officials are counting the city’s homeless population Thursday night

Twice a year, the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust counts the number of people living on the street and in shelters so it can better understand the scope of Miami’s homeless problem. This year’s first count is Thursday night. 

/ January 24, 2018

“No place to go”

We talked to a judge, an advocate, and a victim of commercial sex exploitation to explore some of Miami’s most marginalized populations.

/ October 28, 2015

Your view: Of people, tents, and Downtown streets

The Rev. Grey Maggiano, a priest at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, explains what it’s like to help people get off the streets, and how we might move forward to better care for Miami homeless people.

/ May 20, 2015