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Your View: Love your library

There’s not many young people in libraries, thats why people are usually pretty surprised when Charles Allen tells them what he does for a living. Here’s why.

/ March 6, 2016

Breaking the cycle of suffering at Lotus House

Miami-Dade County has more than 30,500 homeless people. Nearly 34% of them are women, and mothers with young children represent one of the fastest-growing groups. Learn how Lotus House is helping to give them a second chance.

/ December 15, 2015

Five startups that could improve Miami’s future

At last week’s Smart City Startups conference, startups showcased products that could help solve some of Miami’s biggest challenges, including economic opportunity, transportation, and sea level rise. Here’s a look at five companies with innovative ideas for tackling tough issues.

/ April 27, 2015

Your view: Why Miami should reject the anti-camping ordinance

On Thursday, the Miami City Council will vote on an ordinance that will prevent homeless people from sleeping in camping tents or temporary shelters on public property. Barbara “Bobbie” Ibarra, executive director of Miami Coalition for the Homeless, weighs in on the proposal and why the Commission should reject it.

/ March 11, 2015