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City of Miami gives Little Haiti a win during a tough time

The City of Miami has officially designated Little Haiti, a win for a neighborhood that is fighting hard to stymie gentrification and whitewashing.

/ May 27, 2016

Saying farewell to Big Night in Little Haiti

Miami is losing more than a night with good food and good music with the end to Big Night in Little Haiti.

/ April 17, 2016

Little Haiti unfiltered

Join local photographer Alain Pierre-Louis on a visual journey through Little Haiti. From rara to punk rock, Vodou to Catholic mass, he’s exploring the one Miami neighborhood he’s never been able to resist.

/ February 3, 2016

Big history of Little Haiti

To know Little Haiti, you need to look further than Miami. From a group of slaves overthrowing their masters to form a new country, to community leaders coming together to form a new neighborhood, Little Haiti’s roots stretch way back.

/ January 31, 2016

The art of ‘tapenology’

Everyone who’s spent time in Little Haiti and Little River has seen Marcus Blake’s vibrant geometric murals. We sat down with him to learn what it’s like to bring a new kind of art to the Miami scene.

/ January 25, 2016

’We don’t want another Wynwood‘

Leaders on Little Haiti’s growing art scene say they are determined to preserve the neighborhood’s cultural identity while building a thriving creative community.

/ January 21, 2016

The many names of Lemon City

Whether you’re in Lemon City, Little Haiti, or Little River the region spanning from NW 54th St. to NW 79th St. has gone through immense changes, geographically, demographically, and culturally. Here’s a deep dive into where those names came from.

/ January 20, 2016

Chef Creole’s secret sauce

Wilkinson Sejour launched the very first Chef Creole when he was just 22 years old, blending his Bahamian and Haitian roots to create a Miami institution that serves some of the tastiest seafood in town.

/ January 13, 2016

That Little Haiti look

Little Haiti is awash in tropical hues and swooping facades. It’s an architectural island in the midst of Miami that’s a throwback to the neighborhood’s vibrant Caribbean past.

/ January 10, 2016

Why integration beats gentrification

Can Miami grow without losing its soul? We’ve seen what happens when communities are displaced by gentrification. With neighborhoods like Little River on the verge of transformation, let’s challenge that narrative.

/ November 29, 2015