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How Miami neighborhoods got their names

Take a trip down Millionaire’s Row, learn about a pineapple farm in the Design District, and how Lemon CIty became Little Haiti. Revisit Miami history to discover how some of our most popular neighborhoods got their names.

/ April 7, 2015

A Considered Afternoon: 5 Things to do in Little Haiti

There are pockets of escape throughout Miami that you can step into for a few hours and feel as if you have been transported into another country, surrounded by unique traditions from the food you eat to the art that you see. Little Haiti offers one of Miami’s best urban escapes. Here’s how to spend an afternoon exploring the neighborhood.

/ March 16, 2015

Miami Black History: 1980s to 1990s

Author Mandy Baca gives us a quick look at key events in Miami Black History in the 1980s and 1990s, when riots over police violence toward blacks shook Miami, a new wave of Haitian immigrants carved out their place in the city, and Miami Bass took center stage.

/ February 17, 2015