Stories with 'local elections' tag

Auditor General changes, pt. 2

With this proposal you’re deciding whether the Office of the Independent Auditor General will have the right to hire and fire its own staff.

/ October 25, 2017

Video: If we care, why don’t we vote?

We’re exploring why voter turnout is so low, even though local elections have a direct impact on some of the things we care about most.

/ October 26, 2015

Bringing Civic Back

There’s a clear winner in Miami-Dade’s local elections — apathy. But there are people out there trying to raise the 20% voter turnout rate.

/ September 23, 2015

Emerge Miami’s new campaign to get more voters into local elections

Miami has notoriously low turnout in local elections. In the midterms this past November, Miami had the lowest voter turnout rate of any county in Florida. Find out how Emerge Miami aims to change our apathetic ways.

/ April 28, 2015