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November 2018 Voter Guide

On Nov. 6, Miami-Dade County voters will vote for a new governor, U.S. senate and house seats, and a bunch of amendments and referenda.

/ October 30, 2018

Florida state amendments

Does looking at all the state amendments on your ballot this year kind of make you want to cry? Us too. But we’re here to help.

/ October 17, 2018

County Referendum 5: Petition payments

County referendum 5 proposes prohibiting people from paying workers or organizations based on how how many signatures they get for a petition.

/ October 16, 2018

County Referendum 6: New northeast city

County referendum 6 is about the creation of a new municipality in northeast Miami-Dade County.

/ October 16, 2018

County Referendum 3: More public input on petitions

County referendum 3 proposes a chance for more public input on petitions and also requires the county commission to approve a petition before it goes out to the public.

/ October 16, 2018

County Referendum 4: Changes to the electoral process

County referendum 4 proposes some procedural changes to county elections for unopposed candidates.

/ October 16, 2018

County Referendum 2: The county resign-to-run law

County referendum 2 proposes a change to a county law similar to the state’s resign-to-run law.

/ October 16, 2018

County Referendum 1: Circuit court clerk elections

County referendum 1 proposes making circuit court clerk elections nonpartisan, the way that the mayoral and county commission elections are.

/ October 16, 2018

Miami-Dade County referenda

We broke all the Miami-Dade County referenda to help you #votelikeyoulivehere.

/ October 16, 2018

District 12: Rafael Pineyro

Rafael Pineyro is running for the District 12 Miami-Dade county commission seat in the Aug. 28 election.

/ August 7, 2018