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What Castro’s death means for Miami’s young Cuban American leaders

Fidel Castro’s death impacted Cubans all over the world, especially here in Miami. We spoke with a few Cuban American leaders on their reactions to the former dictator’s death.

/ November 26, 2016

How Ana Colls is building a more civically active Miami

When Ana Colls came to Miami to follow her passion for public service, she found it hard to get connected. So she decided to build what she wanted to see in the city. Find out how Colls is working with New Leaders Council and Women’s Movement Now to build a more civically engaged Miami.

/ March 2, 2015

Miami Tech: Resolutions for 2015

We asked a bunch of interesting local tech leaders for their 2015 resolutions for Miami. Technology is talked about a lot as a growing industry; what can we do in 2015 to help it succeed?

/ January 15, 2015