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Referendum 2: Miami River development

The second referendum on the City of Miami ballot is a vote on a major development proposed for the Miami River area.

/ October 15, 2018

MMA fights to weddings: here’s what happens at the Scottish Rite Temple in Miami

None of it has anything to do with Scotland.

/ September 10, 2018

2017 is the year the Miami River ‘district’ will finally come alive, the Commission says

They’re promising 20 new restaurants, a completely connected riverwalk, and short-term docks so you can motor up to all the new restaurants on the riverfront.

/ January 24, 2017

The Ladies of the Miami River

Developer Avra Jain has brought the River Inn Miami, which began as a cluster of boarding houses in 1908, back to life.

/ May 11, 2016

The man who knows everything about Miami

Meet Dr. Paul George, Miami’s premiere historian, and uncover some of our city’s best kept secrets.

/ October 21, 2015