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Meet our member: Kelly Montoya

Kelly Montoya is one of our supporting members.

/ August 16, 2019

Don’t live in Miami or Miami Beach? Here’s when your city or town will talk about the budget

Do you live in a city or town that isn’t Miami or Miami Beach? We’ve got you covered on when you can chime in on your budget process.

/ August 13, 2019

Meet our member: Irena Taneva

Irena Tavena is one of our supporting members.

/ August 9, 2019

‘I just didn’t want them to read like a travel brochure’: How Alex Segura crafted his Miami crime novel series

We caught up with Miami-born writer Alex Segura ahead of the release of his latest novel, “Miami Midnight.”

/ July 31, 2019

Meet our member: Rene Carrillo

Rene Carrillo is one of our supporting members.

/ July 26, 2019

Here’s why a Miami native decided the Magic City needed its own creation myth

Miami environmentalist Andrew Otazo decided that Miami needed its own creation myth to celebrate the city, and show its imperfections.

/ July 25, 2019

This Miamian promotes environmental education in the community and the classroom

Miami native Barbara Martinez-Guerrero is the director of Dream in Green, an organization that focused on environmental education.

/ July 24, 2019

This camp is Miami’s own summer school of rock for young girls and non-binary youth

Since 2015, Miami Girls Rock Camp has been helping empower girls and non-binary youth while teaching them to make music.

/ July 23, 2019

Meet our member: Amanda Crider

Amanda Crider is one of our supporting members.

/ July 21, 2019

Meet our member: Michelle Woodward

Michelle Woodward is one of our supporting members.

/ July 19, 2019