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County Referendum 1: Circuit court clerk elections

County referendum 1 proposes making circuit court clerk elections nonpartisan, the way that the mayoral and county commission elections are.

/ October 16, 2018

Referendum 1: Miami Freedom Park

The first referendum on the City of Miami ballot is a vote on the potential home of Miami’s future MLS team.

/ October 15, 2018

Referendum 2: Miami River development

The second referendum on the City of Miami ballot is a vote on a major development proposed for the Miami River area.

/ October 15, 2018

Referendum 3: Strong mayor

The third referendum on the City of Miami ballot is a vote on whether to make the mayor a “strong mayor.”

/ October 15, 2018

City of Miami referenda

City of Miami voters have three referenda on their ballot, including one deciding on the home of David Beckham’s MLS team.

/ October 15, 2018

Here’s how this Downtown Miami resident’s vision for a new destination is coming to life

Steve Dutton’s Avenue 3 project for Downtown Miami looks to create a pedestrian-friendly destination in the heart of the city.

/ October 15, 2018

How Lincoln Road was made (video)

From mangroves to happy hours, check out how Lincoln Road was made.

/ October 6, 2018

This local’s tribute to Miami Beach’s lifeguard stands earned her a key to the city

Annamaria Windisch-Hunt, a South Florida artist, painted replicas of Miami Beach’s lifeguard stands from Government Cut up to Surfside.

/ October 1, 2018

You had questions about voting in the 305. We’ve got answers.

You told us some of the basic questions you had about voting in the November 6 election in Miami, here are the answers you need.

/ October 1, 2018

Remember When… Miami’s Bayfront Park had its own library

We took a look at the history of Miami’s Bayfront Park and Bayside.

/ September 20, 2018