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Finding Ophelia

Discover Shakespeare’s most famous tragic heroine in Finding Ophelia! In this Salon-style performance, soprano Susana Díaz accompanied by Elaine Rinaldi at the piano, and actor Erynn Chapman explore Shakespeare’s tragic heroine in songs, readings and poems. The program includes the “Ophelia Lieder” by Brahms, “La Mort d’Ophelie” by Berlioz, “Chason D’Ophelie” by Chausson, the Ophelia […]

/ April 14, 2018

After walkouts, what’s next for Miami students and the gun control debate?

A group of Miamians decided to build on the energy from Wednesday’s #NationalWalkOut by gathering more than 100 students from across Miami to talk about gun control.

/ March 15, 2018

Here’s what you should know about the new Florida gun control law

The Florida legislature sent a bill to Gov. Rick Scott that he signed into law a few days later. Here’s the tl;dr version of how the bill would affect the state’s gun laws.

/ March 11, 2018