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The road to III Points is paved with magical chaos

It may be a Miami tradition, but III Points is only 3 years old. Find out what it took to create a thriving music festival that’s more than just music.

/ October 9, 2015

Howard Herring and the New World Symphony

For 28 years, the New World Symphony has been training the next generation of orchestral musicians, changing Miami’s cultural landscape in the process.

/ October 5, 2015

SunGhosts rock the Magic City

Voted the best band in Miami this summer, SunGhosts are bringing their classic garage band sound to audiences of all ages.

/ September 18, 2015

[email protected]: 7 can’t-miss local music shows

Sweat Records is kicking off a whole new series of live concerts celebrating Miami’s underground music scene.

/ September 2, 2015

Eons: Galactic synthpop from the land of palm trees and neon lights

Serene Machine, the new EP by Miami-duo Eons, has a lush, synth pop sound that’s so chill it feels like it could lower the temperature on a hot summer day.

/ August 21, 2015

Magic City Hippies: The Newest in Miami Funk

Their smooth blend of jazz and funk with an indie flavor is made to keep Miami grooving. We sat down with the cool kids from Miami band Magic City Hippies to talk about their new EP.

/ July 24, 2015

Isabella Acker, Curator of Culture

We sat down with Prism Music Group’s Isabella Acker to talk about what it takes to cultivate Miami’s culture scene by creating inclusive, exciting, and inspiring events that bring the community together.

/ July 9, 2015

Punk Rock Roots

The one thing you can say about Miami’s music scene is that it’s always eclectic. Find out the secrets behind South Florida’s punk rock roots, from the Ramones, to the local pioneers keeping the rebellious spirit alive.

/ July 7, 2015

Astari Nite: Exploring Miami’s Indie Scene

We sat down with post-punk darlings Astari Nite to talk about the ebb and flow of Miami’s music scene.

/ June 19, 2015

Five big ideas from the Public Space Challenge

The Miami Public Space Challenge finalists will be announced later this month. From making parks and public spaces more tech-friendly, redefining our urban soundscape, renewing interest in underused waterways, improving bus stops, or creating new ways to find and share food, how might we act on some recurring themes to improve our neighborhoods?

/ April 20, 2015