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Your View: Miami Beach’s new last call appalls

If you want to party after 2 a.m. on Ocean Drive, you’ll soon have to head inside. Nathaniel Sandler lays out a case for why Miami Beach’s new ban on late-night drink sales sidewalk cafés is short-sighted and superfluous.

/ May 22, 2015

Your view: Of people, tents, and Downtown streets

The Rev. Grey Maggiano, a priest at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, explains what it’s like to help people get off the streets, and how we might move forward to better care for Miami homeless people.

/ May 20, 2015

Your View: Proposed state law would harm free speech online

Activist and civic technology leader Rob Davis argues that Florida’s proposed True Origin of Digital Goods Act (TODGA), sponsored by two Miami legislators, would stifle online debate, open bloggers and whistleblowers to harassment, and effectively limit free speech. Find out more about the bill and why advocates for technology and democracy are pushing back on this little-known proposal.

/ April 21, 2015

Your View: Keep the centennial shady

A book for the Miami Beach Centennial was scrapped last week and the city historian fired because his book showed a bit too much of the city’s underbelly. Nathaniel Sandler argues that part of what makes Miami Beach great — and lovably weird — are the stories no one wants told, and he offers a trip through a few little-known and shadier tales of sunny Miami Beach.

/ March 25, 2015

Your View: The MPO is holding back Miami transit. Here’s how we can fix it.

The Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization is responsible for transit planning throughout the county. Marta Viciedo, founding partner of Urban Impact Lab and chair of TrAC, and Maggie Fernandez, president of Sustainable Miami and a member of TrAC, weigh in on how the MPO is holding back Miami transit and lay out a case on how to fix it.

/ March 19, 2015

Your view: Why Miami should reject the anti-camping ordinance

On Thursday, the Miami City Council will vote on an ordinance that will prevent homeless people from sleeping in camping tents or temporary shelters on public property. Barbara “Bobbie” Ibarra, executive director of Miami Coalition for the Homeless, weighs in on the proposal and why the Commission should reject it.

/ March 11, 2015

Your View: Higher Education and Local Government Are Holding Back Miami’s Tech Scene

Don’t believe the hype. Attorney and Code for Miami policy adviser Justin Wales says we still have a long way to go to realize Miami’s dream of being a high-tech hub. His advice? Start improving higher ed and local government.

/ February 23, 2015

Does Miami actually care about sea-level rise?

The scientists agree. A task force reported. Even the Pentagon is concerned. So, why don’t more of us care about Miami’s sea level rise problem? Nathaniel Sandler takes aim at apathy here in Atlantis.

/ February 10, 2015

First-person: I got (gay) married on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Andrea, my mom, a few of our dear friends, and I entered a dingy county office and asked to get married. The clerk reviewed our counseling certificate, put slashes beside “bride’s name” and “groom’s name” on our form and scribbled “spouse” above the lines. We signed, smiling. The clerk led us into “the wedding room” and we repeated our vows. And then, we were married. We kissed. We hugged our friends and family. And then we walked down the street and got a cafecito, like married Miamians do.

/ January 9, 2015