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The 2016 resolution redux: Christine Rupp thinks this year locals finally stood up for themselves

Getting the ball rolling on preservation of the Miami Marine Stadium was a big win, but next year Rupp thinks locals will start to take control of the future of their neighborhoods.

/ December 21, 2016

Whose North Beach is it?

Nothing’s going to stop change from coming to North Beach, but it’s still TBD what that’s going to look like. We asked developers, residents, and preservationists to weigh in.

/ August 9, 2016

The Ladies of the Miami River

Developer Avra Jain has brought the River Inn Miami, which began as a cluster of boarding houses in 1908, back to life.

/ May 11, 2016

How selling rights to the sky keeps Miami’s historic buildings alive

Miami has taken steps to make it harder to bulldoze historic buildings — and to make it worth developers’ while to keep them around.

/ April 11, 2016