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What Miami and the Startup Nation have in common

According to a Tel Aviv tech leader, our party scene and beaches are almost as important as our diversity.

/ May 15, 2016

The most Miami moments of eMerge Americas 2016

We’re pretty sure eMerge Americas couldn’t happen in any other city. Where would they get the sequin ladies?

/ April 19, 2016

Miami’s got a few things other startup cities don’t

If it seems like everyone you know is starting a business in Miami — there are some pretty good reasons.

/ March 30, 2016

Universities seek to fill local government’s tech gap

As Miami-Dade County Government’s technological needs grow, it will have to tap the talents and know-how of local universities to fill the gap.

/ February 28, 2016

At the intersection of art and tech

Home to Art Basel, Sime MIA, and eMerge Americas, Miami is a meeting point of ideas and cultures. How have the intersections between art and tech, Latin America and the US, helped shape our growing startup scene?

/ December 7, 2015

Ernie Hsiung’s advice for technology talent

Ernie Hsiung used to complain about the absence of a tech community in Miami. Then he decided to help build one.

/ November 29, 2015

Laura Maydon’s search for scale-ups

When Endeavor picked Miami as its first U.S. city, Laura Maydon knew it was an opportunity to find the next generation of Miami entrepreneurs.

/ November 29, 2015

Johanna Mikkola’s quest to fill 500,000 jobs

Johanna Mikkola didn’t expect to be in Miami. But now that she is, she’s trying to change the way we prepare for work, and the way companies hire in technology.

/ November 29, 2015

The road to III Points is paved with magical chaos

It may be a Miami tradition, but III Points is only 3 years old. Find out what it took to create a thriving music festival that’s more than just music.

/ October 9, 2015

Demo Day: Pitching Miami startups

Last week, a group of Miami startups put it all on the line for a 5-minute pitch session, with $200,000 at stake.

/ October 7, 2015