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Changemakers: Meet the Miamians who are shaping our transportation future

When it comes to getting around Miami, the struggle is real. Traffic is now a daily fact of life for many of us, and, as Miami continues to grow, the need for solutions and alternatives to the gridlock has become all the more urgent. For our latest Changemaker series, we met up with a handful […]

/ February 15, 2019

Late to pretty much everything? Just blame it on Miami Time

For anyone in Miami who’s ever showed up late to a meeting, an event, or to your own birthday party, know that you’re not alone.

/ June 27, 2018

5 tips for avoiding Sunday’s Miami Marathon traffic woes

If you’re trying to get to the marathon or stay as far away from it as possible, check out our tips on traffic, road closures and the best way to get to the race.

/ January 19, 2018

11 tips to avoiding the traffic hell that is Miami Art Week

We’ve got 11 tips on how to navigate traffic during Miami Art Week.

/ December 4, 2017

If you’re pissed about transit, then go and use it.

Car-free local Azhar Chougle says that every time you tap your card at the bus or train, it’s a vote on how to fix a bad system.

/ June 28, 2017

Nine tips for surviving the Art Basel traffic nightmare

You’re gonna need ’em.

/ November 29, 2016

What you need to know for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is here, with all the traffic that comes with an epic party weekend. Here are some tips to help you navigate the chaos.

/ May 26, 2016

Your view: Miami’s transit troubles go way back

To understand why Miami transit lags today, you have to look at the missed opportunities of the past.

/ February 22, 2016

Your thoughts on how to #solveMIAtransit

We reached out to you for solutions to our traffic woes.

/ February 21, 2016

Gridlock: What can fix the Miami traffic problem?

The struggle is real. One study says that Miami drivers can expect to lose an extra 47 hours on the road per year, and almost a thousand dollars in extra costs because of gridlock. Transit advocates, agencies and elected officials weigh in on what it will take to fix Miami traffic problems.

/ May 21, 2015