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West Grove comes together to stay cool and fed, post-Irma

Since Hurricane Irma hit Miami, lots of people have been without power. In West Coconut Grove, residents were able to come together to laugh over a good meal.

/ September 12, 2017

University of Miami and West Grove’s churches team up to fight re-segregation

The churches are the most powerful organization in long marginalized West Grove – and UM’s law school is giving them a megaphone at a critical moment.

/ January 4, 2017

There’s another side of Coconut Grove getting wiped out

The tenants of South Winds Apartments in Coconut Grove have been living in squalor for years. Now they face the possibility of eviction so their building can be demolished — without any help finding a new home.

/ September 12, 2016

West Grove wants to make a comeback on its own terms

Everyone says West Grove is headed toward a revival. But will it include the people who built the neighborhood?

/ May 17, 2016

How the underdog won the race

No one expected Ken Russell to win the District 2 commissioner seat. Here’s how an entirely new voter bloc changed the direction of this pivotal election.

/ December 9, 2015