There’s an island in your backyard you might have never noticed

Monument Island has been around since 1920, but you might have never noticed it. This uninhabited island is only accessible by boat and might have one of the most relaxing beaches in Miami. It’s a manmade island built in memory of Henry M. Flagler, the founder of the Florida East Coast Railway — the guy who pretty much brought Miami into existence with his railroad.

It might seem like a trek, but it’s quite easy to get to. It’s located between the Venetian Islands and Star Island and will take you no more than 15 minutes to get to the island from the dock at Sunset Harbor by motorboat.

At the center of the island is a 110-foot monument made up of four figures: A man in a toga faces north, representing industry. A woman holding books and wearing a long cape-like dress faces east, representing education . A sailor holding a shovel covers his eyes from the sun and faces south, representing pioneers. Finally, a woman in a long dress holding a purse faces south. She represents prosperity.

If you’re not living that ultimate Miami life, you can rent a kayak or paddle board at Sunset Harbour and make your way over there. The best part is that you’ll never know what you’re gonna get into — sometimes it’s packed with partygoers bumping reggaeton and other times it’s completely deserted and perfect for some sunset yoga.