These are the results of the Nov. 19 election in Miami-Dade County

Below are the complete results for the races in the three cities on the Nov. 19 ballot. 

About 28 percent of the registered voters in Miami, Miami Beach and Hialeah voted in the Nov. 19 election. 

A couple things to know:

  • These figures are based on the Miami-Dade Elections website’s tallies.
  • We entered these results with all of the precincts reporting but there will probably be some small discrepancies between the numbers below and the final results.
  • We rounded to the nearest whole number for percentage of the vote.

Now, here are the results.


Commission, District 1

Alex Diaz De La Portilla (61%)

Miguel Gabela (39%)


Miami Beach

Commission, Group 4

Steven Meiner (54%)

Kristen Rosen Gonzalez (46%)


Commission, Group 5

Ricky Arriola (58%)

Raquel Pacheco (42%)


Commission, Group 6

Adrian Gonzalez (42%)

David Richardson (58%)



Council, Group 2

Luis Gonzalez (35%)

Jesus Tundidor (65%)


Council, Group 3

Jackie Garcia-Roves (54%)

Milly Herrera (46%)