To do: Explore Brickell’s architecture

Let’s stroll through the past — Miami’s past.

This weekend, Dade Heritage Trust — Miami-Dade County’s largest preservation organization — will host their Winter Walk: The History and Architecture of Brickell

It’s an opportunity to discover the history of the rapidly changing Brickell Avenue and to learn more about the significant architects and designers who played a role in the area’s evolution. Tickets are $10.

To prepare ourselves for the tour, we checked out the DHT’s new Brickell Architecture Study. The study looks at Brickell Avenue from the Miami River south to 12th street.

Here are a few of the buildings and structures that grabbed our attention:  


The First Presbyterian Church

609 Brickell Avenue

Built in 1973, First Presbyterian Church was designed by Miami architect Lester Geisler, who also designed Hialeah Park. The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is described as an example of the Mediterranean Revival style. Today, the church’s parking lot is a popular gathering spot for Miami’s food trucks. 


Brickell Mausoleum

501 Brickell Avenue

In the middle of Mary Brickell Park sits a seemingly random mausoleum. Surrounded by mid- and high-rise buildings, the now empty mausoleum is the only surviving structure that is directly connected to the Brickell family: It’s situated on land they once owned. According to the architecture study, the park itself was designated an archaeological and historic site after the discovery of Tequesta remains in 1999.


CP Capital

999 Brickell Avenue 

The uniqueness of this building is the star-shaped floor plan. 999 Brickell Avenue currently houses a number of businesses and commercial shops. 

Dade Heritage Trust’s architecture report notes that using complex geometry like this building has done, “optimizes the environment by creating a bigger synergy with the built environment, called ‘human ecology.’” By having multiple corners of the building, it also helps increase the amount of natural daylight inside.


By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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