To-do: Kayak with a cause

CHECK OUT THIS EVENT: Kayaking with a Cause — On Saturday, Nov. 2 we’re meeting up with Baptist Health and Debris Free Ocean at Virginia Key Outdoor Center for a kayak field trip and beach clean-up.  

WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO TOGETHER: Debris Free Oceans will lead the way, taking our private group on a kayak excursion to learn about our local marine and coastal environments while helping to keep them clean along the way.


😎 We’re going to see a few of the reasons we love south Florida, the environment, our waterways, and manatees (!!)

💪 We’ll start the weekend out right with a great workout, some vitamin D, and the opportunity to make some new friends. 

🙁 We’re also going to see marine waste. Especially micro-plastics. Micro-plastics are plastic pieces that have broken down through photodegradation, which is the breaking down of plastics via the sun and wave energy. But plastics don’t biodegrade or break down into their natural components, and this is what fish and seabirds end up eating.

WHAT THEY DO: Debris Free Ocean’s goal is to educate and inspire local communities to responsibly manage the lifecycle of plastics and waste. In addition to hosting clean-up and awareness events, they also provide sustainability consulting which includes an open-access doc (hello free resource) for alternatives to single-use supplies that can be found in Miami-Dade. 

QUOTABLE: Debris Free Ocean’s outreach director, Maddie Kaufman, says, “Plastics really are the biggest problem because they are so widely used by our society, they are resistant to degradation, and have harmful additives.” Maddie goes on to say the easiest way to make a big difference is to “Go reusable — everything from cups, bottles, straws, bags and even cutlery.” So in other words, plastic is NOT fantastic. 

Click here to reserve your spot to Kayak with a Cause. Seats are limited. 

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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