Reading with Style

Michael Stephens is a mastergroomer and “barberpreneur.” He also believes that reading is the foundation of all education. And now he’s combined those passions. How? By teaming up with the City of Miami Gardens on “Reading with Style,” a program that uses haircuts to get kids reading more.

HOW IT WORKS: Children’s books are made available at the barbershop for kids to enjoy while they wait for service. If they finish reading a book, they receive a discounted haircut, and if they submit a book report, the service is complimentary.

QUOTABLE: “If you can master reading, you can pretty much grasp any subject from there.” — Michael Stephens

FUN FACT: ToppCuttaz barbers also participate in back-to-school initiatives, providing free haircuts “with style” at the shop and on field trips to group homes.

Check out our video from an afternoon in the shop with Miami Garden’s ToppCuttaz.