Transit Loves the Arts

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What we’re doing

You know those ads that appear on Miami’s buses, trains, and transit stations? We’re going to take some of them over with art created by local artists.

We’re excited to launch our Transit Loves The Arts campaign, with support from Miami-Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works, and Prism Creative Group.

In a growing city like ours, we’re all spending more time in shared spaces. Our transit stations, and the vehicles that run through them, are highly visible parts of our county. We can use them to elevate local talent and showcase artistic experiences that make our transit system a more pleasant place to be.

What to submit

Our primary focus is helping redesign Miami-Dade’s buses, so our judges will be looking for art concepts that would look great out on the road. But we’ll also accept submissions for art in stations, on trains, and other places. Digital art submissions will all be printed on large formats, so think big. The application will ask you where your concept can live. Final files should be vector based so that they scale appropriately on the bus. Bus dimensions can be seen here: full bus wrap & back of bus

How it works

What happens when you win: The top three entries selected by our panel of judges will each be wrapped over an entire bus, for all of Miami to see plus $500 cash prize offered by The New Tropic. Select runners up will get their work published on bus backs and $100 cash prize offered by The New Tropic.

When you can submit: From September 6th, 2016 until September 19th, 2016 (at 5:00pm ET), we’re accepting submissions for original pieces of art to showcase on Miami-Dade Transit buses.

By submitting you agree to the terms and conditions